March 30-31, We Are Coming

About us

Who are we?

We are McGill Robotics, a student-run engineering organization that designs and builds robots for competition, experience, and community outreach. We are proudly affiliated with MLH and we follow their code of conduct.


RoboHacks is a robotics exhibition and hackathon hosted at McGill University, Montreal. Join 250 awesome CEGEP, Undergraduate and Graduate students in powering through 24 hours of thrilling robotics exhibition, caffeine fuelled invention, and engaged learning. We’re there to provide the perfect environment to spark learning, innovation and a whole load of fun.

Whether you are an expert or an outright newcomer, we look forward to sharing our knowledge, guidance, hardware, and tools to help you build some really cool things.

Click here to check the video from RoboHacks 2016.

Go to our Facebook album to check the pictures from RoboHacks 2017.


What is a "hackathon"?

A "hackathon" is an invention marathon. Hackathons bring together large groups of students who are interested in technology, giving them an environment to make their ideas into reality. In this case, we’re going to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make robots!

Who can come?

CEGEP, undergraduate, and graduate students are welcome to apply.

What if we have no experience?

All the better! In fact, we are organizing this event primarily to help spread our knowledge and introduce beginners to robotics.

What do we have to pay?

Nothing :) Just get here and we’ll give you free food, drinks, robotics, tools, and all the goodies you could ever want.

How do groups work?

We will help form groups at the event. You can also choose to apply as a group (indicated in the application), or if you'd prefer, you can also work alone!

I couldn’t find my question…

Sorry! We are happy to answer any further queries at,



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